ClippersCast: Rajon Rondo and a 5-Game Winning Streak

The Clippers have won 5 in a row, Rajon Rondo is now in LA, and Lou Williams is gone. Brandon and one of our favorite returning champs, Adam Ausland, discuss why Rondo will be an important addition, whether he fits into our ideal closing lineup and how Ty Lue will find minutes for all his guards.

ClippersCast: Another Case for Lonzo

Here, friends, is a fantastic romp with our buddy Justin Wilson! Brandon and Justin discuss the Clippers improved defense and what moves at the deadline should happen. Lonzo Ball, anyone?

ClippersCast: Next Man Up (x4)

The Clippers are down 4 starters, and it doesn't seem to matter. Brandon talks about the team's offensive firepower without PG, Kawhi, Pat Bev and Batum, Zu's growth and Marcus Morris's underrated campaign.

BullsCast: Game 24 & 25 Recaps + Pacers…

Greg Mroz recaps the Bulls dominating victory over the New Orleans Pelicans & how the performances of Zach LaVine & Coby White define how the Bulls must play to win games when shorthanded. The Bulls also suffered a 19 point loss to the Los Angeles Clippers in which they were just straight out dominated by a better team. Greg finishes with a quick preview of the Pacers game tonight.

ClippersCast: Andrew Greif on Clips Hot Shooting, 4-2…

The wonderful Andrew Greif is back on the show! He and Brandon discuss whether they're encouraged or discouraged by the loss to the Nets earlier in the week, what Reggie Jackson's role will be when Pat Bev returns, Zu forcing his way into 4th quarter minutes and whether the Clippers can stay red hot from deep.

ClippersCast: Surging Into 1st; Nets up Next

PG and Kawhi are back and the Clippers are back to their winning ways. Brandon heaps praise on Patrick Patterson and Reggie Jackson for stepping in and thriving for Pat Bev/Batum, while also hyping Kawhi for MVP. Next: the Nets!