LakersCast: Drummond Set to Debut

Andre Drummond is here and it’s officially official! JC gives his thoughts on the sought after buyout signing now that Andre is set to make his debut vs the Milwaukee Bucks on Wednesday.

LakersCast: Down Goes the King

Ethan and JC dive into what LeBron's absence means for the fellas, especially with AD still on the sidelines, on this quick-hitting edition of the Hoop Ball Lakers podcast. 

LakersCast: Steamrolling the Blazers and Warriors

Lakers are back in the win column, and they’ve even got a new big to show off! Dennis Schröder is back as well, and oh how Lakers fans have missed him. We’ll talk about that and more on this episode of HoopBall Lakers with your host J.C. De Leon!

LakersCast: The Lakers Can’t Give What It Takes

Listen to Ethan deliver a tirade on what the Lakers have looked like over the last handful of games, why he's pessimistic about the pre-All Star Break stretch remaining, the potential big man market, and why the Lakers are under the gun to turn it around in a hurry.

LakersCast: Losing 2 of 3

The Lakers have dropped 2 of their last 3, and the Anthony Davis injury has taken a serious toll on the team's rim protection. JC explores some more potential trade acquisitions as the Lakers stem the tide and ride this out.

LakersCast: The Block is Hot

The Lakers get back in the W column by beating the Celtics in Boston, but the story in LA is much larger than that. JC and Ethan have your weekly report!

LakersCast: Back-to-back Losses... WHAT?!

JC recaps the unfortunate back to back losses vs Philadelphia and Detroit, but all is not lost, he’ll tell you why. LeBron is on an early MVP track for the first time in years and more in this episode of The HoopBall Lakers Podcast!